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Welcome to bks!
BKS is a leading e-publisher and Internet retailer of Bks. The BKS e-commerce website at www.BKS.com was launched on July 4, 2000. The site has grown from 2,000 Bks to over 210,000 Bks and continues to grow rapidly.
What are Bks?
Bks are books that are available in digital format.
Bks are not meant to replace paper books. Instead, Bks provide an alternate reading choice for lovers of technology. Bks offer a new dimension to the written word, allowing books to be distributed and enjoyed so much more easily.
Bks are ordered online and delivered electronically to your computer. You save money with no shipping and the lowest prices.
Bks have many features that traditional paper books may be missing:
You can search through the text for a specific word or phrase
You can carry bks with you on your PDA or smartphone device
You can shrink or enlarge the text size
You can add digital bookmarks
You get instantaneous delivery
You help the environment by not using paper or requiring packaging
BKS offers BKS in ten different and distinct formats. Visit the Choose a Format page to determine which is best for you.
Products and Services
BkS Sales
BkS now offers over 150,000 bks in a variety of popular formats. Our ordering system is simple and secure. We have provided an ample amount of instructions on how to order, because we understand that bks are a new technology and not much of the population has had experience with ordering them yet. We think the amount of bks readers will increase as everyone realizes how simple ks are to use, and how many benefits they have.
Publishing Center
BKShas one of the most comprehensive publishing programs on the internet. Our Publishing Center provides authors with services such as bks conversion, cover design, promotion, and much more. Many authors are publishing their work as BKS because of the lower cost and quicker service time.